Interesting People:

My Roomies
The roomies relax at home

My roomates - Jason, Isabel, Tika, Kepler and Patch. A motley crew - life around the house is never boring. Jason tends to do things a bit differently. Dropping out of music school to become an oil and gas guy extrodinaire, he plays piano better than most, spends his spare time doing art from making bows to bodycasting, and is the one responsible for starting me on my rock climbing habit. Isabel - the love of his life - is an english student with an energy that only Jason can match. Well, except maybe when she's just woken up. Tika is Jason's fierce feline - the ferocious animal that roams the house and ensures we always know who's the boss. She has a pretty interesting story of her own. Patch, the one eyed bandit came to stay with us when Isabel's dad was moving house and just never left after the move was complete. Kepler, the newest of the clan, is probably the best dog this place could have asked for. He's taken the house by storm, given the cats a bit of a run for their money, and always helps to raise your spirits if you're down.


Smiling Brigit
Brigit at George's Party

What can I say about Brigit Knecht? One of my bestest friends and movie lover extraordinaire. She's the only one I know that I can go see just about ANY movie with, both hate it, and yet both enjoy it at the same time. I know I can always count on her to go do stuff, take a ride on my motorbike, enjoy dinner and some great wine, or just hang out and do not much of anything at all.

Oh yeah, and she plays the fiddle once in awhile, too. :)

Sometimes playing with the Calgary Philharmonic, sometimes doing gigs around town, and sometimes teaching others to do what she does best, Brigit is always inspiring others to enjoy what she so loves to do...

But we all know that really she's just a movie buff at heart...


Scotty the Conqueror
Scott at the top of the Grand Canyon

Scott Young is the finest Scotsman (no pun intended) you'll ever meet. Ok, he wasn't born there, but his blood's in the right place. Scotty spends his daylight hours doing computer like things for a big energy company in town, and spends his nightlight hours, umm... well... we'll leave that for Scott to tell.

Scott and I took a road trip to Pheonix, Arizona. We discovered many cool tunes, saw many cool places along the way, and drank much beer. Even in Utah.

Currently up in the Great White North (tm) making the big bucks, he's learning the true meaning of the 'weekend commute'. After all, you can take the boy out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the boy. And the boy wants to be in the city to play.... *grin*


LD After a motorbike ride
LD after a motorbike ride

Laura-Dawn decided to run off to Hawaii to marry the love of her life, and we're (of course) not even the slightest bit jealous while we sit here in our colder, dryer climate. Not at all. Especially in -30c weather in January. I'd rather be here. *sigh*

Another one of my closest friends (if not geographically), LD put me onto lots of great music and, well, lots of great music! Guilty of having long conversations at 2 am, she's one of the few people that can probably understand how my twisted mind really tends to work.

She's probably shaking her head right now as she reads this, saying "Oh nooooo......".